Our history

A company to all of those who wish to renew home and life

We are the sixth most enduring company of Brazil, reference in providing beauty, comfort, greater quality and innovation in home textiles lines and décor. We have a commited team and we are passionate about work. We also value the satisfaction of all people we have a relationship with. Being near people is what moves and enchants us.

Karsten 136 Years


We were established over one century ago and, during all
this period, what we really like
is to be part of people´s lives.

everyone has a different way of being!

Without people, nothing would make sense.

To chat, learn, gain more experience.People ENCHANT and teach us.

To be part of the family lives, friends,
trips, walks around the city, to be together at work,
to see the children grow, all these things attracts us.

We want to be by your side to share
moments and feelings.

As this is about the relentless will to be near
you, to do our best, to learn from rights and wrongs.



  • Vision

    To be the most desired brand in home textiles and decor fabrics, leading to extraordinary results.

  • Mission

    Inspire people to renew home and life.

  • Business

    Home textiles and decor fabrics.



  • Passion

    We cooperate and involve ourselves passionately in everything we do.

  • Respect

    We trust in people and we value the social, environmental and economic liabilities.

  • Ethic

    We act in a fairly way, with dignity, justice, sobriety and integrity.

  • Solidity

    Our history marks accomplishments.

  • Overcoming

    Our initiative, professionalism and ability to face the challenges move us on the permanent search for quality, innovation, beauty and extraordinary results.



  • We love

  • Together
    we are better

  • This company
    is mine

  • Innovate

  • What is weel done
    is not redone

  • Enchant

  • Simplicity



  • History: The Tecelagem Roeder, Karsten & Hadlich is established, as a small weaving mil and with looms acquired in Germany.

  • Start of manufacture: Tablecloths, completing 100 years in 2016.

  • History: Amendment of the corporate name to Karsten S.A.

  • History: New corporate name: Companhia Têxtil Karsten.
    Start of manufacture: Decor Fabrics

  • History: Start of the export operation and public listing.

  • Start of manufacture: Terry Fabrics.

  • Start of manufacture: Bed linen.

  • Start of manufacture: Jacquard plan fabric, creation of products with a differentiated design.

  • History: Karsten S.A leads the export of textiles lines in Brazil.

  • Innovation: Always Clean tablecloth technology, with a finishing that avoids stains and facilitate the cleaning.

  • Innovation: Acquablock, exclusive waterproof fabric, which repels water and protects against the sun.

  • New brand: Creation of the brand Casa In, with products with accessible price, reaching the day by day needs.
    Innovation: Zero Twist Bath Towel, made with intelligent yarn, which is not twisted on its fabrication.

  • New brand: Acquisition of the brand “Trussardi” from São Paulo, and start of the Trussardi stores Project.
    Innovation: Anti ant tablecloth, with exclusive finishing that repels insects without harming them.

  • History: Entry of new shareholders.

  • New Brand: Karsten Atelier, handicraft line.
    New Brand: Karsten Design, bath towels with an innovative corrosion process.
    Innovation: Ions Care, bed linen with antimicrobial action; and Wall Decor, practical and smart wall fabrics.

  • Innovation: SoftMax technology, which consists of adding air between the cotton fibers, making bath towels more voluminous, soft, comfortable and with better absorption.
    Karsten completes 135 years.
    Great Place to Work Award: Karsten betwen the 10 best companies to work for in Santa Catarina.

  • New brand: Karsten Home, exclusive product line for Karsten's own stores, with complete product mix for home (bed, table, bath, kitchen, and decor).
    Great Place to Work Award: for the second consecutive year, Karsten betwen the 10 best companies to work for in Santa Catarina.

  • Unika like you! The new Unika towel is presented to the market to change the perception of the bath category, bringing more comfort, softness, hand feel, absorption and volume, all in one towel.
    Great Place to Work Award: For the third year in a row, Karsten is among the best companies to work for in Santa Catarina.

  • Sixth largest company in Brazil, reference in providing beauty, comfort, superior quality and innovation in Bed, Table, Bath and Decoration with a team committed and passionate for what it does.


Awards and Certifications

  • Great Place to Work 2020

    For the fourth consecutive year, we are among the best companies to work for in Santa Catarina, ranking 11th in the ranking of the Great Place to Work 2020 institute, in the Large Companies category. A result that we achieved together, because liking people and believing that together we are better, is part of the tireless search to be closer and closer and do the best, always.

  • Marcas do Século 21 [21st Century Brands]

    Karsten is on the award list since 2000, when the first edition of the project “Marcas do Século 21” [21st Century Brands] was executed by the Revista do Empreendedor [Entrepreneur Magazine].

  • IBEF Award of Sustainability

    Karsten has received the Ecosofia Trophy, in the category Operation Structure, during the 2nd IBEF award (Instituto Brasileiro de Executivos de Finanças [Brazilian Finance Executives Institute]) of Sustainability.

  • Trusted Brand

    3rd place on the segment of Home Textiles Lines among the most trusted brands of Brazil. The research is executed by Ibope [Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics].

  • Greater and Larger

    Outstanding position among the thousand greater companies of the Brazilian economy in the Greater and Larger ranking of Exame Magazine, 2011.

  • Greater of Isto é Dinheiro Magazine

    Karsten appeared among the five greater Brazilian companies, by the Isto É Dinheiro Magazine, 2011, in the following competencies: 2nd in the Corporate Management and 5th Social Liability management.

  • Innovation Winners

    Leader in the sector in Santa Catarina, 2011, by Amanhã magazine.

  • Sesi Quality at Work Award

    Only textile company awarded, in 2012, in the category Innovation, by FIESC [Federation of the Industries of the State of Santa Catarina] Florianópolis.



A better world is a
more conscious world

At Karsten, all solid waste generated is environmentally friendly, meeting legal requirements. We have a well-defined and implemented solid waste management system based on the latest management systems.

In June is celebrated the World Environment Day! We always take part the Environment Week, which aims to make employees aware of the importance of preserving the environment.

We are all aware that the textile production process uses a large amount of water. Therefore, we have our own Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to treat the water captured in Ribeirão do Testo river, which is later used in the production process. Since 2016 we have been granting the use of this captured water, thus meeting an important legal requirement. The water used at the end of the production process ends up being transformed into effluent. To carry out the treatment, we have a partner company to manage 100% of the effluent generated at Karsten.

In addition, we maintain in our plant an area of ​​preserved vegetation, offering welfare for the fauna and flora to settle even being an industrial area.

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