Bedding Line

Karten’s bedding line items are a caress for the skin and coziness for your home. These items have a soft cotton stamp of approval since their fabric is in 100% cotton, and, in production, they are processed in an innovative textile finishing and finalized in the calender: a machine that will result products with a soft touch and shine, providing the consumer more comfort.
Algodão Soft
Karsten makes your everyday life more practical and cozy!

Unique Sensation. Unika Technology.

Unika is unique in the world. Our Unika yarn is woven to create a towel with more volume and unparalleled softness. It provides more comfort, softness, touch, absorption, and volume, all in the same product.

Intelligence in everyday life.

Unika towels are the result of a unique and exclusive process! Cotton is carefully chosen in the field and only selected fibers are used: longer, stronger and softer. The fibers are transformed into differentiated yarns through innovative interlacing and, combined with the Softmax finish, they result in an incomparable product, with extreme absorption and comfort.

Tecnologia Unika

An ultra-sensorial experience

The zero Twist technology features a low-twist yarn, which creates a softer and voluminous towel. The differentiated yarns combined with the intelligent Karsten touch provide a true sensorial experience.

Softer and more voluminous untwisted yarn!

Light and highly absorbent, it transforms the post-bath into a moment of unparalleled sensations, with the maximum comfort of cotton.


In 2017, the revolutionary and exclusive process of ennoblement SoftMax brought a new concept in the manner of bath towel and dissolved the paradigm “new bath towel doesn’t dry”. The result, comfortably involving, praises Karsten expertise, which now offers one of the best bath towels of Brazil.

Softness that only Karsten brings

he exclusive SoftMax technology consists in adding air between the cotton fibers. The process happens in Italian cutting-edge machinery and ensures a bath towel with much more softness, volume and absorbance.

Experience the practicality

The smart touch of the Always Clean Karsten range makes cleaning more practical and moments at the table even more pleasurable.

Always Clean is synonymous of practicality: just a damp cloth and the towel is impeccable again. Tablecloths for those who don't give up having a beautiful and inviting home.

A lot less washing requirements

The treatment applied to the threads protects the fabric fibers, preventing the action of stains and oily residues, allowing the product to be washed less frequently. To keep the towel clean for longer, just remove the cause of the stain right away with a damp cloth.

Experience the refinement

The Easy Wash/Lava Fácil technology makes the fabric resistant to stains from food, oils and liquids, preventing dirt from being impregnated in the fibers.

A toast to the good times!

Special moments deserve to have the table dressed with a special table cloth! The Celebra range marries sophistication and functionality, making every moment practical and unique.

Waterproof fabric for outdoor and indoor areas

We were the first national brand to develop a waterproof fabric, created from fibers wrapped in highly resistant resin, which block the entry of liquids or dust, preventing damage to the product..

Smart, practical and resistant

Acquablock has several features and technological differentials. It protects against the action of the sun, repels water and brings more color and life to the decoration and coating of pieces and furniture in outdoor and indoor areas.

Internal Acquablock, Singular collection

Waterproof fabrics for indoor and outdoor roofed areas.

Internal Acquablock brings beauty of the prints, superior quality together with the soft and smooth touch attributed to the fabric.

Intelligence and comfort in one fabric

The innovative technology of the Internal Acquablock combines the new way of intertwining the threads with a subtle covering of the fibers, preventing the passage of water to make the fabric waterproof without giving up comfort and softness.

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